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By: Kelly Gould @

Here are things I don’t like. I don’t like sulphates in my shampoos. They strip the hair, add grippy bits of cludge* that weigh hair down and make it look dull, so why anyone uses them is beyond me**. I also don’t like traditional Brazilian keratin treatments or anything that calls itself that. Why? Because once you lie to me, I don’t give second chances. Have you seen Almay on this blog since this? I am a makeup junkie and I would not glance at them even if you gave me a coupon, extra CVS Reward money and really pretty packaging. Granted the Brazilian Straightening Treatment didn’t lie to me. They lied to all of us. No formaldehyde in the product until you combine the ingredients together to make the product work does not mean there is no formaldehyde. Don’t lie, makers of beauty products. It’s ugly.

So when nuNAAT asked me to review some of their products, I asked a lot of questions. Does it have formaldehyde (in the semi-permanent smoothing treatment not reviewed in this post)? No. Why no salt, but yes to sulfates? In traditional Brazilian Straightening Treatments salt is the evil-doer, more so than sulfates. That is why going in the ocean kills the treatment. I’ve never noticed sodium chloride listed in my products, but I’ve also not really been looking. The grilling of the lovely PR person continued for a long time. I’m probably lucky they will still return my emails, honestly.

So here is what I tested.

I didn’t use the shampoo because I love my red hair more than I love writing about shampoos with sulfates. I will say that I did use it for about a week before I had my color re-done and it worked nicely, my hair didn’t feel heavier and I didn’t really notice much color fading. Please note, all of the fading that was likely to happen would have already happened, so I can’t really judge that. And by now, hopefully you know that a week of use is not enough time for me to form a solid opinion.

I did use the Deep Conditioner, Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor and the Intensive Hair Mask.

The nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner does a nice job of leaving the hair feeling soft, smooth and shiny. If your hair is easily weighed down, than this might be a bit heavy for you, as it has quite a bit of silicone and mineral oil. It also contains soy, wheat and corn protein, which leave the hair slightly stronger, very shiny and give it lots of bounce.  If you have processed hair that is dry or damaged, your hair is likely to eat up the hydration this deep conditioner offers up. The keratin in this conditioner is also going to help keep hair strong, without making it feel brittle, as other keratins have been known to do.

The nuNAAT Intensive Hair Mask also provides vegetable-based protein to the hair, which will help keep your straightening treatment alive and kicking a bit longer, while keeping your hair soft, smooth and shiny. I loved this mask and loved how it made my hair feel so fantastic. I used this once per week and was really happy with how my hair reacted to this mask.

My favorite, without a doubt, is the Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor. Last January, I had a Thermafuse smoothing treatment done to my hair. While it is only supposed to last for about three months, I’m still seeing the benefits. Where I’m having issues is with my new growth. I don’t want to have another Thermafuse yet, but I don’t want crinkly flyaways surfing my scalp.

I was so glad to find the Leave-In Reconstructor. It’s a temporary fix, but for someone who washes their hair every five days or so, it’s kind of perfect. It does not contain formaldehyde and using this Leave-In treatment will not fade your color (their semi-perm version has the potential to alter color). It’s really easy to use. After you shampoo and condition, you massage this clear liquid into your hair, from root to tip. You DO NOT rinse this product out.  Because it uses the green keratin formula (soy, wheat and corn proteins), it sticks with the hair for longer, giving you a gentle smoothing effect. After you apply the Reconstructor, you will need to blow dry and then flat iron your hair, using an iron at approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Give the hair about ten minutes to cool and you are good to go! While this isn’t as effective as the time-consuming and super expensive version to which you may be accustomed, it does a great job of taming the hair that hasn’t been processed and extending the life of the hair that has been.

If you are interested in smoothing your hair or maintaining your straightening treatment, this is a line worth checking out. It’s affordable and it works. If you don’t want to order online, look for it at Walgreens, nationwide.

* “Cludge “is a made up word that Loxy uses all of the time. But do you want anything that sounds like cludge in your hair? Me either.
** They use it because it’s a super cheap, foaming cleanser that is used in everything. People are fine with it and they don’t feel like evolving to something less cludgey and more gentle.



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